Crónica de Londres

On the 26th of April, we woke up tired and nervous, at 3:30 because our flight to London was very early in the morning. When we arrived in London, we were starving, so we quickly looked for something to eat. First, we went to Speaker’s Corner and we saw some people discussing about religion; a muslim discussing with someone.

It was interesting and … Amazing!!!



Then we went to Hyde Park

London 2

We were hungry, so we went to have something to eat. After having lunch, we went to the British Museum, then we went to the hotel to check in. Finally we went to Garfunkel´s to have dinner and we returned to the hotel to sleep.


On the second day

We went with a guide to see the most important landmarks of London. We walked a lot, it was funny because the guide had run the London Marathon the day before, and it had left him stiff. He showed us the most important places as Trafalgar Square, The White Hall, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and the change of the guard in Buckingham Palace. We had something to eat.

In the afternoon, we went on a “gymkhana” around the most important shops. Finally we went to have dinner in La Locanda. When we finished we had a night walk before going back to the hotel.

London 3

The third day

We woke up at 8 o´clock, as always, and we had a delicious breakfast at the hotel. When we were ready we took a bus all together to go to Camden Town.

We got there at 10. We decided our own groups so we could feel better during the visit.

There were a lot of interesting shops, but we wanted to see only a few of them, although we didn´t buy anything there were other students that found something they liked and some of them were very excited about it.

One of the things that we enjoyed the most was lunch time,

we were starving and we found a patio full of stalls selling food from different countries.

Everything seemed delicious and it smelled so good that we decided to have lunch there.

When we finished our walk we went to Trafalgar Square where we had the choice to visit the National Gallery and at the same time we could relax and enjoy the atmosphere there.

Around 6 we went to Covent Garden where we had free time to wander through the market and little streets that surround it.

Finally we had dinner at La Locanda where most of us had a tasty Lasagna. Before going to the hotel

we had a lovely trip in one of the many London´s buses.


The 4th day

After having breakfast, we took the underground to Westminster for taking a cruise at 10 am. We saw the London Eye, Tower Bridge, St Paul´s Cathedral

It was fantastic!

When the cruise finished, we visited the Tower of London and Saint  Catherine´s Dock. But as soon as the cruise finished, it started to rain a lot so we went to a big souvenir shop.

Later we crossed  the Millenium Bridge and then we entered  the Tate Modern.

In the evening we had free time so that we could go back to our favorite places.

Finally we had dinner in Garfunkel´s and when, we finished,


we had our last night walk. It was great!


The last day, Notting Hill and Portobello Road.

It was the last day and we were very happy.  It had been a great trip. However, we were exhausted.

We packed our bags and had breakfast for the last time.

We had a few hours before the bus arrived, so we decided to go for a walk in Notting Hill and Portobello road. There were many antique shops, colourful houses and it had a great atmosphere.

Finally we bought some sandwiches for lunch


and we went to the airport. We arrived at 8:00 pm.


It was depressing coming back home.


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