It was the 8th of May, and the students of 1st of Bachillerato were at the airport , waiting excited and nervous to go to Dublin. The flight went by very fast, and suddenly, we realised we were already there. We were all singing during the trip to the hostel. Later that day, we walked around Temple Bar, the neighbourhood where Abigail’s Hostel was. The dinner was fantastic, but at first we went to the wrong place. At the end of the day, we knew we were going to make unforgetable memories.


The following days were just incredible. Tuesday’s guide tour was great, we learnt a little bit of everything. But the best part of the day was the visit to St Stephen’s Green and Merrion Park, where we played like kids, took pictures of us, …

Dublinia was a weird museum, where you can interact with weapons, clothes and other things of the vikings. Obviously, we spent the time doing silly things. Seeing outdoors Christ Church Cathedral was espectacular, and it was connected with Dublinia. At Wednesday’s afternoon, we visited the Guinness Storehouse. We only needed one word to describe it: amazing. A waterfall, a fantastic viewpoint, an enormous box full of barley, … We agreed it was the best place we visited in Dublin, with Trinity College.

The next day we went to Trinity College, and it was fantastic. The atmosphere, the buildings, the nature in the campus… everything was magical. But the shocking part of the tour was when we entered in the library of the campus and when we saw the Book of Kells. The feeling of taking a random book and just read it, was hard to control.

That evening, Grafton Street wasn’t big enough for us to spend the rest of the day shopping there, so we walked around the street and Temple Bar, discovering some curious shops.

Malahide was such an explosion of nature, where we enjoyed our visit there just walking on the green grass and taking pictures. We couldn’t do the tour around Howth, so we spent the rest of our time in its harbour recording some crazy seagulls who attacked some of us, and having the last meal of the trip.


During the flight to Madrid, the most part of us spent the flight just sleeping. We arrived at Madrid’s airport at 21:00, exhausted, but happy.


Apart from all of this places and experiences we lived, we think that the best part of the trip was the whole group. We enjoyed so much our time together, our relationships between us improved more than we expected. During our walks to the places we visited, or to the restaurant where we had dinner, we were singing, laughing, talking, …  The nights at the hostel were perfect. If we had a problem, we solved it, and everything was fine again. We weren´t just classmates, we were friends. This is the unforgetable part of the trip.


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